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When you meet Alcides in the coworking space, you’ll soon discover he’s a bit of a geek, that’s why he’s our dedicated IT guy. He will be the one welcoming you when you arrive at the office and if you experience any issues, he’ll be your best bet (and is especially known for fixing printers). Somewhat atypical, but he also does a lot of sports and will help you out if you need any recommendations for things to do. He is always up for a chat (but be careful: once you get him started, it can be hard to make him stop).

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Nuria will also be there to welcome and show you around. She is always available to help and has been voted the nicest one on the team. She enjoys playing padel, dancing and is a great source for recommendations in Tenerife. She manages all of our accounting in the background, so feel free to approach her if you’re stuck with maths questions. And even though she is probably the nicest person on the team, she doesn’t joke around when it comes to ice cream, so make sure to keep an eye out on yours if she’s around.

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Social Media & Website

While Alcides and Nuria are running the business in Tenerife, Rochelle is busy in the background from the Netherlands. From september 2023 she will join the team in Los Cristianos, because then she will move permanently to 'the island of eternal spring'. Next to her work for Deskhub, Rochelle works in marketing for a Dutch wholesaler in technical equipment. If you have any ideas regarding the social media or improvements to the Deskhub website, don't hesitate to let her know.

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